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Official ICS Ball (Orange) $45.00
Official ICS Ball (Orange)

Custom, Match Quality ICS Balls.
Lanzera ICS Jerseys $35.00
Lanzera ICS Jerseys

These team jersey's feature the latest moisture-wicking technology for the best of comfort and style.

ICS Kelme Jersey $35.00
ICS Kelme Jersey

Our new ICS Kelme Jersey's come in White V-necks or Black and White pin stripping. 

ICS Baseball Caps $20.00
ICS Baseball Caps

Our Stylish ICS baseball caps display the ICS logo on the front and the International Court Soccer name embroidered on the back.

Promotional Video (VHS) $10.00
Promotional Video (VHS)

ICS Promotional Video (VHS Format)
Promotional Video (DVD) $20.00
Promotional Video (DVD)

ICS Promotional Video (DVD Format)
ICS Promotion Poster $10.00
ICS Promotion Poster

ICS Promotional Poster - Made of something or other.

Size: 00" x 00"
Rules of the Game $10.00
Rules of the Game

Laminated poster of The Rules of the Game. Post this up anywhere players are so they don't forget the rules.

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The game of International Court Soccer is played in a racquetball or squash court using a specifically designed ball. The game is traditionally played one-on-one... Read More


As a racquetball player I am thrilled to participate in International Court Soccer. It gives me an opportunity to vary my workout but remain in an environment that I am comfortable with... Read More

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