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Tuesday, 02 February 2010 05:58

As a racquetball player I am thrilled to participate in International Court Soccer. It gives me an opportunity to vary my workout but remain in an environment that I am comfortable with. The game provides an intense leg workout while continuing to improve upon my court position, shot selection, and overall agility in the court. I have also found that knowing the effects that the walls have gives me an edge against an opponent that has not spent time in a court.

As a club manager for the Courthouse Athletic Club, I am even more thrilled to embrace the game as it gives my members another activity to enjoy at the club. Soccer players are able to practice their skills one on one any time of the year. People that have never played soccer now have an avenue to learn the fundamentals of the game without running the length of the field or needing pads or special shoes. With nine courts at my club I am able to hold leagues and mini-tournaments as well. The ball does not damage the courts and it is a sport that can be enjoyed by members of any age.

In Health,

Phil Crock
Club Manager
Courthouse Athletic Club
4132 Devonshire Ct. NE
Salem, Or 97305
(503) 485-5709
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I am a 32 year old male who hasn't played organized soccer for over 13 years. I never seemed to have the time to join an adult team and I didn't know enough people who played that could all get together at once. Over the years I got into racquetball. It was a sport I could play regardless of weather and it was easier to find at least one person to play with.

A friend of mine introduced me to International Court Soccer after seeing a poster for it at the YMCA in Bremerton, WA. We've been playing for the past three months and it's been great! It's so much fun kicking a ball around again. In some ways it's more fun than soccer because players get to touch the ball considerably more during ICS play. Like racquetball, it's easy for me to find people to play and we can do so regardless of the weather. I told a co-worker about the sport and he liked it so much he joined our gym in Poulsbo, WA just to play ICS.

Everytime I play, someone new takes notice and is curious to know more. I believe the sport will continue to grow and the level of play will increase dramatically. This is just the beginning and I'm glad I could be a part of it.

Cary Hull- Poulsbo, WA


ICS has brought new excitement and meaning to our racquetball courts. It's a sport in which our members and myself can excel and get better at. As an Assistant Manager at a fitness facility, it's great to see our members get excited about playing a whole new sport. It has given myself and members a whole new exciting workout.

Speaking about our club, ICS leagues have become as common as Racquetball leagues. Not only has it inspired many members, but has also brought many new memberships to our club. This game is the epitome of a enjoyable and exciting cardiovascular workout within the confines of an athletic facility.

Donny Zavala
Assistant Club Manager
Courthouse Athletic Club
Salem, OR


At the age of 5 I began playing recreational soccer. As the years passed I got more involved in the higher levels of the game culminating in a scholarship to a PAC-10 school. By living in Oregon, my options to compete at a high level are very limited. I eventually quit playing soccer altogether only a few years after graduating from college, which is when I began playing racquetball.
Last year I was introduced to International Court Soccer and fell in love with this sport immediately. ICS combined the two sports I am most passionate about! Not only have I improved upon my soccer skills, but I have found an arena where I am challenged unlike the adult and indoor soccer leagues in my area. Interestingly enough, it is those players that have little or no soccer background and the racquetball players that challenge me the most on the court.

I would recommend this sport to new and longtime soccer players as a way to hone their skills. There are many ways players can use this game to improve their outdoor game. Here are a few:

  • Develop better touch on the ball (maximizing touches prior to returning the ball to the front wall)
  • Better decision making (choosing how hard and where to return the ball based on where the opponent is on the court, also keeping a sharp mind when fatigued)
  • Driving the ball (making shots to the front wall that stay low (ideal for strikers practicing shooting on goal)
  • Clearing the ball / ceiling shots (good for defenders)
  • Improving reaction (playing close to the front wall)
ICS is easy to learn, in fact, one could be playing with only a couple of minutes of instruction. Not only is it easy to learn, it is easy to play and also a lot of fun!


- Karey Jensen
Oregon, USA


I just wanted to say what a great game it is and hope that it will become mainstream in the UK as we thoroughly enjoyed it. We found it great for improving our touch and control of the ball, and will be playing it a lot more throughout the Summer in the close season to keep our fitness and ball skills up to standard before the new season starts. We just wanted to say we think it is a great sport and hope to see it played on a professional level and one day be in the Olympics as it is capable, thanks.

Yours sincerely
Ben O'Sullivan, UK


It's starting a bit of a revolution down here you know. The Varsity football squad have started playing it as it's great for our touch, though I think every goal I score now will be a volley.

Gary Bonsels, UK

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As a racquetball player I am thrilled to participate in International Court Soccer. It gives me an opportunity to vary my workout but remain in an environment that I am comfortable with... Read More

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